Welcome to France Impresa - Workers Service

Welcome to the France Impresa Workers Service website dedicated to employee secondment for EU companies in French territory.

EU companies employing staff in France must comply with the provisions set out in the European Community Directives implemented into the Code du Travail and governed by French Legislation.

Compliance with principles established in EU Directives regarding employee secondment in the European Union is a priority for the French government, which has record numbers of cross-border provision of services. EU businesses seconding employees in France must comply with French standards in terms of compensation, legal working hours and schedules, payment of overtime, workplace safety and hygiene, designation of a company representative located in France and with business intermediation functions as well as control bodies in order to prevent unfair competition with French companies.

France Impresa – Workers’ Service supports and assists businesses that have employees seconded in French territory by offering a full, timely, and rapid service, based on the business sector and type of secondment, handling the full range of services for employees seconded in France in cooperation with the company and labour consultants in Italy.

Contact us for our services:

  • Employee secondment consultancy, European Community and French legislative framework, Macron and Savary Laws
  • Consultancy on conditions for full-time employment in France as well as the Code du Travail
  • Preparation and submission of the Déclaration Préalable de Détachement in the SIPSI portal
  • Preparation and submission of the Attestation de Détachement d’un Travailleur Roulant ou Navigant for the third-party transportation sector in the SIPSI portal
  • Secretariat for the request and issue of the Cartes BTP for employees, compulsory for the construction sector
  • Receipt of the Cartes BTP at the French office (on request)
  • Designation as a French-based representative during the secondment period;
  • Collaboration with the labour consultant in Italy for developing pay slips that are complaint with French legislation
  • Assistance in the event of controls and audits by French authorities, preparation, submission and filing of dossiers
  • Recruitment in France for the trade show sector
  • Professional training

Enjoy reading the information.