Recruitment in France

EU businesses may hire employees (French residents and non-residents) with a French employment contract, without having a permanent establishment in France.

To hire staff under French law, the EU business must apply for registration at URSSAF Alsace and employees must be associated with the French social security system (Sécurité Sociale), regardless of nationality and place of residence. N.B.: Non-EC citizens who, in order to be hired, must hold a residence visa issued by the French government are exempt from this requirement.

At the same time, the employer must register with the social security agency, according to the business activity:

  • service de santé au travail (medical examination prior to hiring)
  • Pôle emploi pour l’assurance chômage (request for unemployment benefits upon termination)
  • Humanis International (social security benefits)
  • Caisse de congés payés du bâtiment de la région parisienne CCPBRP (construction sector trade union fund)

France Impresa Workers Service can manage employees hired under a French contract:

  • framing and registration of the EU company with the relevant agencies;
  • recruitment;
  • drafting of employment contract;
  • monthly pay slips
  • development of pay slips
  • quarterly and annual social security contribution declarations
  • tax declarations

The service is guaranteed for all types of businesses with the exception of the construction sector.

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