Carte BTP

Effective 21 March 2017, construction companies using seconded employees in French territory are required to provide their employees with an identification card, known as the Carte Professionnelle BTP (regulatory references: Macron Law of 6 August 2015 and subsequent Decree 2016-175).

This applies to all construction companies whose classification is included in Art. R 8291-1 of the Code du Travail, thus, for EU businesses (including temporary staff), each Déclaration Préalable de Détachement must be accompanied by the Carte BTP request.

The relevant agency for issuing the Cartes BTP is the Union des Caisses de France CIBTP, to which an electronic request must be submitted through the dedicated portal.

Each Carte BTP costs EUR 10.80.

Our service is designed to provide quick and accurate issue of the cards, in particular:

  • secretarial services for obtaining the Cartes BTP

–> entry of data and photos through the portal on behalf of the company

–> payment of administrative fees

–> immediate delivery of temporary paper certificates (valid until the plastic Cartes BTP are received)

  • possibility of receiving the Cartes BTP at the Nice office to then be sent to Italy (Cartes BTP are dispatched by post ONLY within France)

We guarantee the same service in the Principality of Monaco, where the issue of the Cartes Professionnelles BTP is managed by CCPB – Caisse de Congés Payés du Bâtiment.

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