Company representation

An EU company that seconds employees in French territory must designate, before the start of the secondment, a representative located in France that is responsible for ensuring the link between the company and supervisory authorities. This provision is set forth in Art. L 1261-3 of the Code du Travail.

The designation must be written and the following details regarding the representative must also be indicated on the Déclaration Préalable de Détachement:

  • name, surname, and date of birth
  • email and postal address in France
  • acceptance of the assignment by the representative
  • duration of designation (must coincide with the secondment duration)
  • location at which the company documents will be held

The duties of the company’s representative in relation to employee secondment are as follows:

  • ensure the link between the company and supervisory authorities in the event of controls and audits. The representative must therefore provide, on behalf of the company, any information and documentation requested by the Labour Inspectorate, Police and Law Enforcement, as well as Tax and Customs Services;
  • retain documentation at its registered office available to supervisory authorities.

Contact us: Along with the electronic secondment declaration, we offer the service of company representation for employee secondment, in compliance with the procedure envisaged in French law, from designation to assistance in submitting documents on behalf of the company in the event of controls and audits, including document translation.