SIPSI Déclaration Préalable de Détachement

Businesses seconding employees in French territory must electronically transmit the Déclaration Préalable de Détachement using the SIPSI portal (ref. Art. L 1262-2-1 of the Code du Travail).

The procedure for transmitting the Déclaration Préalable de Détachement is as follows:

  • Art R 1263-3: Provision of general types of services
  • Art R 1263-4: Intra-group mobility;
  • Art R 1263-6: Temporary staff.

The Déclaration Préalable de Détachement must provide the following information and must be electronically transmitted prior to the start of the service in France to the territorial units of the relevant Labour Inspectorate.

  • Company information: company name, email and telephone contact details, legal representative, details of company representative during the secondment period, type of business performed. For temporary businesses, list the agency with which the guarantee surety has been filed.
  • Service: customer data, nature of activity, location at which the service will be performed, service start and end date
  • Employee data: name, surname, date and place of birth, residence, nationality, hiring date, qualification, reference workers agreement for the category, gross monthly compensation, start and end date of secondment, working schedule in France, weekly rest days, address of accommodation in France during the secondment period, method of reimbursement of travel expenses by employer

Our service: We assess the needs of the company in relation to employee secondment and propose an appropriate and personalised solution for each case in order to ensure a rapid, timely, continuous, and immediate transmission of the Déclaration Préalable de Détachement with the option of designation as company representative.

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